Scales of Justice


Paul's Style




Paul is committed to serving in a professional, courteous, and timely manner, and to providing his clients the valuable information and counsel they need to make effective decisions.    He understands that  addressing legal matters is not a pleasing task for most people because of the serious costs, time and consequences that may arise.     For this reason, his goal is to help his clients navigate the complicated and stressful court process in a well-thought, efficient, and strategy-oriented manner.


Paul is fortunate to have experience as both a solicitor and barrister.    He therefore not only understands how to draft documents and negotiate issues, but can also carry a file all the way to court for any litigation proceedings.   Generally, most solicitors will pass off their files to a barrister when litigation is likely to occur because they do not have courtroom experience.  In return, the barrister usually needs to  refer to the solicitor throughout the case since they were not as historically involved with the matter.   This arrangement can therefore be logically more expensive, time delayed and complicated.   It can therefore be much more cost-effective to simply retain Paul since he can do the job from start to finish.   In addition, Paul can sometimes use the different experiences of opposing counsel to the benefit of his clients.   After all, a solicitor will rarely want matters to proceed to court (since they will usually lose carriage of the file) and a barrister will rarely want matters to be resolved via elaborate structuring and document drafting (since they are more experienced with trial advocacy).


With an unwavering loyalty to his clients, Paul always protects solicitor-client confidentiality, and strives to help his clients "win" their cases. While Paul always strives to negotiate matters in a facilitative, cost-effective and co-operative manner,  he will also not shy away from raising issues, advancing arguments or even asking difficult questions which he thinks will advance the interests  of his clients, subject of course,  to him always meeting his own professional and legal responsibilities.  Given his extensive courtroom experience,  Paul will lead or defend motions, applications and/or address any other preliminary matters that must be addressed before the trial or hearing date. 


Finally, Paul is truly committed to ensuring that his clients always receive a fair hearing.    While he cannot guarantee that his clients will always achieve the desired outcomes in their cases, he does guarantee that he will advocate to his fullest ability to give them a fighting chance in achieving such.